• Owlypia contest

    Dear Students,

    We kindly invite you to take part in the Owlypia contest which will take place at Spectrum International School on 24th of November!

    *Owlypia is a global online contest

    *Candidates sit the competition online via e-devices(laptops, tablets, phones) at test centres. Spectrum is a test centre for Owlypia in Astana

    *A student who did well in Owlypia will get chance to participate in the next global round, which is called the Intellectuals' Challenge

    *the Intellectuals' Challenge (TIC) will take place in Davos, Cambridge, Sydney

    *The Owlypia competition has five categories and one common ground. A candidate will be tested from a category s/he chose and the common ground knowledge.


    💡Art and design

    💡Economics & Business

    💡Literature & Culture

    💡Science & Technology

    💡Social Sciences

    On the website ( there is a list of resources a candidate will prepare with. (Those are books, films, documentaries etc).

  • Science Week

    Good morning, Spectrum!

    This week will be the “Science Week”. We wish all of you a great week!

  • Fact #4 about Spectrum

    Spectrum is accredited by CIS and the status of CIS Accreditation confers an international recognition to stakeholders all over the world. The status of international accreditation demonstrates a school’s commitment to high quality international education to the school community as well as to the outside world: prospective families, educational leaders and teachers as well as universities, embassies, other government departments, and global companies and organisations.

  • Spectrum Facilities

    Hey there!

    Here is our new project called #SpectrumFacilities. We will share all the convenient accommodations and equipment of our school with you. The pioneer video is taken by our Intellectum club.

  • Spectrum Insights Issue 1

    Dear friends!

    We have a great update. From now on the Spectrum Insights newspaper will be published as a magazine. We are presenting you the first issue of our brand new Spectrum Insights magazine. You can also read it online on our school’s website.

  • Welcome back to 2nd Term

    Dear friends, we warmly welcome you back at our school! We are looking forward to having a positive, collaborative and a very productive time with you on the forthcoming term.

  • Global Perspectives program

    This year we are having Global Perspectives program in our school. Last Friday there was a fair devoted to Global Perspectives course. Students raised questions through various projects on such topics as air pollution, junk food and increasing garbage. Besides, the students introduced several ways of solving those issues.


  • Meruyert Muratova: Photoalbum

    New photos were added to the album Meruyert Muratova: Photoalbum.

  • Science Week

    Check out what is happening for Science Week with your children. be apart of it.



    What’s going on in the primary?

    We will do fun experiments!

    We will learn about important scientists.

    Grade 1 and 2 kids will be recycling.

    Grade 3, 4 and 5 kids will be racing with balloon-powered cars.

     A Kazakh Cosmonaut will talk to us about fascinating things he has done!

     Come and join us on Friday, 2nd March.



  • Parent Survey

    We ask that you complete the survey which is found on the links below. This survey gives important information essential for the development of our school. We will have laptops available at the PTC for you to complete before or after your chat with the teachers on Saturday 24th February, 2018.

    Ата–ана  сауалнамасы қазақ тілінде және орыс тілінде 

    Ата–ана сауалнамасы ағылшын тілінде

  • Student Survey 2018

    Can all students kindly complete this survey for the school. Click this link to open the survey

  • School Open Today

    News Flash

    Just a reminder that the school is open today. However, it is your choice to send your child/children or not.In future, if the school will be closed, the TA's or HRT's will message you. We will also use EduPage for messages.

    Здравствуйте Дорогие родители,Хотим напомнить Вам, что школа сегодня открыта. Но от Вашего выбора зависит, останется ли ребенок дома при экстремальных погодных условиях. Если ученик придет в школу, он не будет отправлен домой, а останется в школе.В будущем при закрытии школы с Вами свяжется классный руководитель. с уважением,администрация школы


    To All at Spectrum International School

    Let us all be a  super human being, a better person and the best citizen. New Year’s is a time to better ourselves for the best world.Have a Great New Year 2018.

  • PTA

    Thank you to all parents who attended the PTA on Saturday 9th December 2017. We appreciate  the support you give to the students throughout the year.

  • Meruyert Muratova: Web page: 1B

    New photos were added to the album Meruyert Muratova: Web page: 1B .




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